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We are centrally located at the Big Horn Motel 

Just maybe you'd like to stroll our Historic Downtown Buffalo rather than drive. Walking just 1.5 blocks South will first take you to visit the Jim Gatchell Museum. Still traveling South, The Historic Occidental Hotel and Saloon, mouth watering Ice Cream and Yogurt parlors, amazing artsy and antique shops, and one of the finest sporting goods stores in the state. And if Cowboy gear is your scene, ReRide  is the spot. There are multiple great restaurants ,both South and North within walking distance. The other Steak Houses are a short driving distance away as is the Fairgrounds and right up your alley. Scenic Clear Creek Trail is accessed just behind the motel or 3 blocks South at the bridge you can pick it back up to head West through our beautiful Washington Park (and free pool) . No matter the mode of transportation, we have interesting things to do see and be here. Did I mention the 4 star golf course?


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There are also the most fun events ever in Buffalo! 

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